Why Unions Will Rise Again

Two straight decades of steadily decreasing worker benefits has taken its toll. If we continue to fight it individually, we will be reduced to Industrial Age style servitude.

Water Is The Next Oil

Oligarchs will once again control a precious commodity while we sit idly by.

Why I Don't File Swap

This is the argument I use on my friends to guilt trip them into paying for music they like. It still doesn't work.


Tackles the flawed assumption that wealthy people solely invest in companies that create jobs rather than a slew of exotic tax shelters and non-job creating wealth instruments like arbitrage.

Welfare, It's Not Just For The Poor

Politicians and cities, eager to show they are creating jobs, basically give back all the money they would have earned in payroll tax through subsidies to corporations.

Too Many Puppies

We can't all live the American lifestyle of conspicuous consumption but goddamnit let's try.

And Then There Were Two

It's staggering to think that on a local level almost every single form of mass media, from newspapers to radio and TV stations, can now be legally owned by one company.

Knee Jerk Socialist

Without the ability to get more than the other guy, fair or not, much of what we now take for granted would not exist.

Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

Having been sold the idea that after college graduation companies would be waiting with open arms to greet me, it was a huge slap in the face to have to scrape and claw for even the most menial office jobs.

Fry The Bastards

Rather than deal with systemic issues like poor education and income inequality that cause youth crime, we are just locking them away at an earlier age.